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Avenger Time

Picture Avenger Time

April 07, 2011

Not pictured: The Ice King as Ultron.

Incredible Balloon Link

Picture Incredible Balloon Link

April 07, 2011

He holds the Triforce of Helium.

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Wolverine vs. Shark

Picture Wolverine vs. Shark

April 07, 2011

The grudge match of the century.

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DIY Cyclops Costume

Picture DIY Cyclops Costume

April 06, 2011

With this getup, you'll earn just as much respect as the real Cyclops.

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Batman Hip Tattoo

Picture Batman Hip Tattoo

April 06, 2011

Batgirl is getting creative with where she displays her insignia.

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Boba Fett Cake

Picture Boba Fett Cake

April 06, 2011

He's the most feared bounty hunter in the confectionary.

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Tie Fighter Cosplay

Picture Tie Fighter Cosplay

April 07, 2011

From the neck up, it's a pretty convincing costume.

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Metroid/Bioshock Mashup: Big Samus

Picture Metroid/Bioshock Mashup: Big Samus

April 06, 2011

A Bounty Hunter chooses. A Space Pirate obeys.

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Cammy & Chun-Li Make Out

Picture Cammy & Chun-Li Make Out

April 05, 2011

Honestly, who's still reading the caption on this?

Surfing Stormtrooper

Picture Surfing Stormtrooper

April 05, 2011

"Man, I saved up all my vacation time, gonna take a few weeks and just catch some sick waves over on Kamino."