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Gengar's Cute Look

Picture Gengar's Cute Look

September 28, 2012

Both Pokemon fainted from overwhelming feelings of love!

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Attractive Wampa

Picture Attractive Wampa

December 06, 2010

She can drag me off to her ice cave. HEY OH.

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Bodypaint Superheroes

Picture Bodypaint Superheroes

May 29, 2012

Ladies, none of these costumes are canonical. Get out.

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The Fate of All Zubats

Picture The Fate of All Zubats

March 26, 2013

Try to repel your tears…

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Super Mario Ball Z

Picture Super Mario Ball Z

January 10, 2012

Will Mario summon the spirit flower and defeat Bowser or will he stand around and power-up for 4 more episodes? Find out next time on Super Mario Ball Z!

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Doc Brown Snaps a Charizard

Picture Doc Brown Snaps a Charizard

September 04, 2012

That pic's worth 1.21 jigapoints.

Molotov Cocktease Cosplay

Picture Molotov Cocktease Cosplay

May 22, 2012

WHOA! That Comic-Con badge totally ruins the illusion.

Navi is Very Helpful

Picture Navi is Very Helpful

January 31, 2012

I don't know what we would do without her, but it would probably be less annoying.

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Actors Are Pokemon

Picture Actors Are Pokemon

May 15, 2012

Fun Fact: Michael Cera has been defeated by electric mice in real life, too.

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From the Vault: Wolverine's Best Line Ever

Picture From the Vault: Wolverine's Best Line Ever

December 30, 2010

Strangely enough, her mutant power is transforming into alcoholic beverages.