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If Mario Were As Gritty As Max Payne

Picture If Mario Were As Gritty As Max Payne

June 10, 2013

I save princesses – but who will save them from a-me?

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Chell (Halloween 2k11)

Picture Chell (Halloween 2k11)

October 31, 2011

"Wow, orange pants! And I guess that perfect portal gun replica is pretty cool too."

Mortal Kombat Lady Ninja Group Costume

Picture Mortal Kombat Lady Ninja Group Costume

November 03, 2011


Princess Leia's Day Off

Picture Princess Leia's Day Off

December 01, 2011

Even the slaves of alien crimelords get to take personal days.

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Boba Fett Christmas Card

Picture Boba Fett Christmas Card

December 21, 2011

If he has your address, your bound to get a Christmas card. Or murdered so he can collect the bounty on your head.

Ms. Pac-Man Cake

Picture Ms. Pac-Man Cake

January 03, 2012

Provides 300% of your daily value of power pellets.

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Pacman Chase

Picture Pacman Chase

May 11, 2010

They caught PacMan right around the corner and dismembered his body piece by piece in a ritualistic fashion.

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Minecraft Link Cosplay

Picture Minecraft Link Cosplay

February 17, 2012

Ganon is the ultimate creeper.

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Zelda Deku Mask

Picture Zelda Deku Mask

February 17, 2012

Bubbles not included.

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Picture R2D2pac

September 30, 2013

Hologram Tupac is making more and more sense.

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