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Kid Loves Lara Croft

Picture Kid Loves Lara Croft

May 04, 2010

His hand's not in that bag. It's on his joystick.

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Hot Xbox Girl

Picture Hot Xbox Girl

May 13, 2010

I'm surprised she's still hanging around with you and that ghetto wired 360 controller.

Stormtrooper Gives Directions

Picture Stormtrooper Gives Directions

February 01, 2012

"Make a right at the dewback and keep going until there's a moisture vaporator on your right. If you see sand people, you've gone too far."

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Halo Energy Sword Earrings

Picture Halo Energy Sword Earrings

February 14, 2012

Melee earrings are all the rage.

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Tecmobowl Tattoo

Picture Tecmobowl Tattoo

May 25, 2010

"I'm not a nerd, guys. See? I like football."

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Gabe Newell as The Blob

Picture Gabe Newell as The Blob

April 12, 2012

Nothing can move him to announce Half-Life 3!

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Real Life Duck Hunt

Picture Real Life Duck Hunt

August 25, 2010

Don't worry, the dog still gets up on his hind legs and laughs at you. By: //

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The New Doctor Who, Former WHO Doctor

Picture The New Doctor Who, Former WHO Doctor

August 05, 2013

It's almost as if this Peter Capaldi guy could travel through time…

Sith Ultrasound

Picture Sith Ultrasound

August 21, 2013

"Come feel! He's force-kicking!"

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Darth Vader 'Dad' Tattoo

Picture Darth Vader 'Dad' Tattoo

July 30, 2012

Look into your heart, you know it to be a good idea for a tattoo.