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8-bit Mario Scan Code

Picture 8-bit Mario Scan Code

March 31, 2011

Sorry, scannable Mario. I left my cell phone in another castle.

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Pac-Man Moon

Picture Pac-Man Moon

April 01, 2011

An ominous moon rises over Multicolored Ghost Inc.

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Super Nintendo Erotica

Picture Super Nintendo Erotica

November 30, 2012


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Gingerbread Portal

Picture Gingerbread Portal

December 31, 2012

Now go through the portal of my mouth and watch as you end up in the toilet, cookie.

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Disney's Mushroom Kingdom

Picture Disney's Mushroom Kingdom

January 15, 2014

TheYetee offered this design by Mike Handy for a very select kind of princess fan.

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Mario and Luigi as Badass Yakuzas

Picture Mario and Luigi as Badass Yakuzas

January 24, 2014

First you get the coin blocks, then you get the power-ups, then you get the princesses.

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Transforming Mystique/Rogue Body Paint

Picture Transforming Mystique/Rogue Body Paint

February 22, 2013

Thank goodness she transformed into someone who has an identical body to hers.

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Princess Leia Tattoo

Picture Princess Leia Tattoo

September 09, 2011

A slave Leia tattoo would have been a little too tacky.

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Tomb Raider Art

Picture Tomb Raider Art

October 19, 2011

Featuring the world's foremost sexy archaelogist.

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X-Men Phoenix Cosplay

Picture X-Men Phoenix Cosplay

November 22, 2011

Really appreciate your time with her before she goes off and dies again.

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