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Pacman Windows

Picture Pacman Windows

May 09, 2010

"These two exhibits were proudly on display in the George Washington Univ. art school at the same time. Hilarity ensued."

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Inspiring Gamer Bumpersticker

Picture Inspiring Gamer Bumpersticker

May 07, 2010

Because chess is a poor man's game.

Epic Stormtrooper Tattoo

Picture Epic Stormtrooper Tattoo

March 07, 2012

Only tattoos of Stormtroopers could be so accurate.

Nintendo Cartridge Chair

Picture Nintendo Cartridge Chair

March 05, 2012

You'll have to blow on it before you sit down.

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Draw Something: Do A _______ Roll!

Picture Draw Something: Do A _______ Roll!

April 10, 2012

90% sure it's "cinnamon" but the letters don't match up.

Dr. Mario Warning

Picture Dr. Mario Warning

August 17, 2010

He's a licensed plumber, it's the same thing.

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Bad Dudes Ending

Picture Bad Dudes Ending

August 01, 2010

Best. Ending. Ever

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Iron Man Caught At Victoria's Secret

Picture Iron Man Caught At Victoria's Secret

June 20, 2013

"Uh, these are for Pepper. Yeah, Pepper. She loves a lacy thong underneath the Iron Man armo-I MEAN UNDER HER DRESS."

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Mortal Kombat Noob

Picture Mortal Kombat Noob

October 21, 2010

"I shall defend the Outerworld with my life! …Which button is low kick?"

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Zombie Yoshi

Picture Zombie Yoshi

July 13, 2012

Oh no, now he's trying to eat living things…which was what he was doing earlier. Hm…

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