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I Want to Believe

Picture I Want to Believe

October 08, 2010

Don't stop believin'.

WTF Pokemon Makeout

Picture WTF Pokemon Makeout

November 03, 2010

Pokephelia is not a crime.

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Terrible Mass Effect Normandy Tattoo

Picture Terrible Mass Effect Normandy Tattoo

July 19, 2012

I'm Commander Shepard and this is the worst tattoo on the Citadel.

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Sign That You May Have Drank Too Much Last Night...

Picture Sign That You May Have Drank Too Much Last Night...

August 28, 2012

This explains why you were having such a hard time playing Halo 3 with that jar of salsa.

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R2-D2 Has To Go

Picture R2-D2 Has To Go

August 29, 2012

"So…this is the message you had to deliver?"

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Diablo 3 Gamer Is Pissed

Picture Diablo 3 Gamer Is Pissed

August 31, 2012

He just dropped some epic loot on that desk.

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Awesome Sauron / Saruman Cosplay

Picture Awesome Sauron / Saruman Cosplay

March 02, 2011

"Sweet costume party, Dark Lord of Mordor. Ugh, who let those hobbits in?"

Nerd Girl's N64 Tattoo

Picture Nerd Girl's N64 Tattoo

July 08, 2011

"Of course I have a controller tattoo. How else am I going to play my Mario 64 tattoos?"

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Marine Goes Sightseeing

Picture Marine Goes Sightseeing

August 22, 2011

Jacked up and good to go see the world!

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Bioshock Little Sister Cosplay

Picture Bioshock Little Sister Cosplay

September 01, 2011

"Careful, I hear her dad is nuts."

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