F***, Marry, Kill: Pokemon Starters

By Tony Wilson / December 31, 2013



You might as well admit it: you've got a bad-boy complex. Charmander might not be the type of Pokemon you'd wanna bring home to meet mom, but behind closed doors: all bets are off. He's got the energy, he's got the moves, and he'll blaze his way up and down your body. But between you and me, I hear that Charmander really gets around the pack. If he leaves a burning sensation in your nether regions, it might be time to hit the clinic for some 'Gonorrhea Heal.' And whatever other medicine you should take after fucking a salamander.

Even after your symptoms are gone, make sure to get tested before choosing which Pokemon you are going to MARRY!


Fuck, Marry, Kill: Pokemon Starters



Fuck, Marry, Kill: Pokemon Starters


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