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Article Start Your Day Out Right With Some Awesome Nerdy Pancakes

By Staff / March 18, 2014

What's the only thing better than pancakes in the morning? Intricately-designed nerdy pancakes that look so incredible they almost make you feel bad for wanting to eat them. Almost.

Some Awesome Nerdy Pancakes

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Article St. Patrick Stewart's Day Limericks

By Andrew Bridgman / March 17, 2014

Lets Celebrate St Patrick Stewarts Day 2014

It's that time of year again - St. Patrick Stewart's Day! Last year we celebrated by going through the life of Sir Patrick Stewart - this year we celebrate the man, the myth, the legend through the ancient art of limericks.


Lets Celebrate St Patrick Stewarts Day 2014

Lets Celebrate St Patrick Stewarts Day 2014

Article Pwn Up: What Have I Done?

By Jake Young / March 17, 2014

 This week, we're sharing real embarrassing creations from our readers' past. If you have a moment so nerdy that you need to tell the Internet about it, we want you to send your submissions to dorklypwnup at gmail.

"With too much spare time on my hands and no budget whatsoever, I decided to create a tribute to classic video games. What I ended up making making was lots of drawings and animations in Photoshop and filming myself flailing around like an idiot in front of a makeshift green screen."


Pwn Up: What Have I Done


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Article 4 Shows You Can Marathon To Fill the Veronica Mars-Sized Hole In Your Heart

By Andrew Bridgman / March 15, 2014


 Veronica Mars has been dead and buried for years - but Rob Thomas (not the Matchbox 20 guy) and Kristen Bell have re-opened old wounds by making a Veronica Mars film. While the film is great, it brings back all of the hurt of losing one of the best TV shows to ever air (about a snarky teenage southern Califronia P.I., at least). Luckily, here are a couple shows you can marathon to fill the hole in your heart left by Veronica and Co.


1. Terriers

  4 Shows You Can Marathon To Fill the Veronica MarsSized Hole In Your Heart

  • Southern California-based show, focusing on a disgraced cop who becomes a private investigator

  • Heavily focuses on the rich and powerful screwing over the poor and helpless

  • Tragically cancelled too soon



Article Twitch Plays Pokemon Has Killed Lord Helix!

By Andrew Bridgman / March 15, 2014

 In the world of Twitch Plays Pokemon, no one is safe - not even gods. For on Saturday, March 15th, the players of Pokemon Crystal defeated their ultimate foe: THEMSELVES...and also their god, Lord Helix.

Twitch Plays Pokemon Has Killed Lord Helix

via Jack Kaiser

In case you're not familiar (and judging by how Pokemon stuff tends to do on this site and on the internet as a whole, you probably are), after you defeat the Elite 4 and your rival and become the Pokemon League champion of Johto, the original Pokemon region of Kanto opens to you, where you will need to defeat the gym leaders and get another 8 badges. And once that's complete, you travel to Mt. Silver and face off against Red - the hero of Pokemon Red/Blue.

Twitch Plays Pokemon Has Killed Lord Helix

via VerbumDei

The team held by AJ (the nickname for Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal's protagonist) was Solid Snake (Steelix), Ace (Raticate), Katie (Dragonite), Burrito (Espeon), LazorGator (Feraligatr), and Brian (Pidgeot).

Normally Red's team consists of Pikachu, Espeon, Snorlax, Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise. But the emulators of Twitch Plays Pokemon decided to keep the canon of their own playthrough, and replaced Red's normal team with Bird Jesus (Pidgeot), Battery Jesus (Zapdos), All Terrain Venomoth (Venomoth), The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Lapras), King Fonz (Nidoking), and Lord Helix (Omastar).


Article The Homeowner Who Lived a Real Life "Up"

By Staff / March 14, 2014

If you've seen Up, you know that it's a majestic story about how you cry like crazy during the first 10 minutes and then other stuff happens for a couple hours, but you can barely really see it through the constant stream of tears pouring out of your eyes. Also, there's a guy who refuses to sell his property to a big developer.

But this (incredibly sad) fictional dilemma is based on a real one - the story of Edith Macefield, who famously turned down a million dollar offer for her home by a property developer, who went ahead to build around her tiny farmhouse.

The Homeowner Whos Living a Real Life Up

via beaverbrown55

And even though Edith died in 2008 (at the age of 86), her house remained. Disney affixed some balloons to it in 2009 as a promotion of Up.

Incredibly, the house still stands there. You can even view it on Google StreetView.

Now think about the first 10 minutes of Up and bawl your eyes out.

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Article Limbo Mashups That Make Eternal Purgatory Seem AWESOME

By Chloe Cole / March 14, 2014

Limbo Mashups

via Boredom-xD

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Article These Dead Videogame Characters Are FABULOUS!

By Staff / March 14, 2014

Here's the scenario: you're a rebel militia ultranationalist terrorist, trapped in an arena with other RMUTs, and the one with the highest kill count at the end wins. Odds are you're gonna get killed A LOT. So - you might as well leave a FABULOUS corpse. Die in style or don't die at all.



via RoadRAEG

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Article Man of Steel's Clark Kent Writes His First Newspaper Column

By Andrew Bridgman / March 14, 2014
Man of Steels Clark Kent Writes His First Newspaper Column

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Article These Guys Are Accidentally LIVING Grand Theft Auto

By Staff / March 13, 2014

 Grand Theft Auto is all about creating a realistic, immersive world - and then doing things within that world that no one in their right mind would EVER even attempt in reality. They steal cars with abandon, drive like maniacs, shoot at innocent civilians, and generally cause all kinds of havoc.

In the last month or so, however, there have been a few videos of people who are acting like they're in a game of Grand Theft Auto IN REAL LIFE. The thin line separating the  virtual world from the real world has broken down. Unfortunately, it's not just a quick hospital visit and a $500 charge for these guys:


Drunk Guy Is You Playing GTA Drunk

Punching at nothing in particular? Wandering down a street without a shirt on? Trying to steal a "sexy ass" car and failing miserably? Then immediately being caught by the cops? This guy's the truest gamer ever.

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