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Article Player 2 Injury Attorney Ad

By Daniel Abromowitz / August 8, 2011

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Article 5 More Impractical Ideas For Bioshock Cities

By Patrick Cassels / August 5, 2011

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Article Pwn Up: Issue #87

By Kevin Corrigan / August 5, 2011

Ever had a moment so nerdy that you needed to tell the Internet about it? Send your submissions to dorklypwnup at gmail.

One of my best friends got engaged recently. Yesterday I got a Pokeball in the mail. There was a message on the outside. It said, "I Choose You…" On the inside was another message, "…to be my best man!" Of course I said yes.-Pook

When I was 8-years-old, I called the Nintendo hotline to find out how to beat the final boss of a game. The game had just been released. They didn't know. Ten minutes later I called them back to tell them how to do it. They were not interested. They told me to write a letter to Nintendo Power.-Anonymous

The only reason I bought a kindle was so that I can read my Star Wars extended universe books in public without people seeing and harassing me.-Al Z.

My wife and I had a videogame-themed wedding. Our cakes were Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man cheesecakes with cupcakes in between them as power pellets. We cut the cake to "Still Alive." Our officiant sprinkled in references about us leveling up together and overcoming random encounters. My wife walked down the aisle to a Final Fantasy song. She even crafted the Mario piranha plants and fireflowers for us to decorate with. The best part? It was her idea.-Tim R.

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Article The Weekly IRL: 7 Pictures of Cosplayers Having Fun

By Staff / August 4, 2011

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Article The Dorklyst: The 6 Things Every Great Rockstar Game Does Wrong

By Kevin Corrigan and Jeff Rubin / August 3, 2011

Let's get one thing out of the way first: Rockstar makes awesome games. But when a company has such a high pedigree, sometimes we can be blinded to the things they don't do so well. Here's our list of the six things Rockstar's most-amazing games still need to work on.

6. Commitment to Realism Over Fun

In real life, you're not suppose camp within 100 feet of a trail. You're not supposed set up your tent on top of living plants, and it's in your best interest to sleep on a level surface. I understand why all of those things are important in real life. I don't understand why they're enforced before you can quick travel in Red Dead Redemption.

Rockstar games are usually referred to as sandbox games. I'd say they're closer to playgrounds. The insane level of realism creates a miniature version of reality to play in. They do a great job. It's why driving on the sidewalk in GTA is so fun. Sometimes, though, they get carried away. At some point realism gets too close to reality, which is boring.

Here is a small sample of things I don't enjoy doing in real life, let alone in a videogame: getting tired after running a short distance, going to a store and finding out it's closed, delivering pizzas, working out. If I thought working out was fun, I wouldn't be playing a videogame.

Article 6 Anime Movies That Probably Exist Somewhere

By David Agyekum and Julia Lepetit / August 1, 2011
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Article 25 Amazing Cosplay Pictures From Comic-Con 2011

By Staff / July 29, 2011

Comic Vine:

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Article Pwn Up: Issue #86

By Kevin Corrigan / July 29, 2011

Ever had a moment so nerdy that you needed to tell the Internet about it? Send your submissions to dorklypwnup at gmail.

When I was a kid, my mom used to make my brother and I keep a diary. I found it recently. There was one month where almost every page had a comment about Street Fighter II. The most remarkable ones:-I hate Vega, he is such a cheater-I hate Vega, climbing the fence is illegal-Brother told me he beat Vega, but that's impossible. I hate VegaAfter a few weeks without Streetfighter comments, I wrote, "I hate Sagat!!!!"-Anonymous

When I first started dating my girlfriend, she let me borrow her Gameboy. When I lost interest in her, I was afraid to break up with her because I thought she was going to take her gameboy back. I stayed with her for six more months.-Henry

When I was in the 12th grade, my school district had a contest: Every time you bought milk, you got a scratch card. First and second prize were expensive, but lame. Third prize was an Xbox 360. My friend and I were intrigued by the contest because the cheapest milk was just 10 cents. I really wanted that 360. My friend just wanted the scratch cards and had no interest in gaming. It was win-win. We bought 50 milks the first day. We drank them during lunch, and scratched the cards during English. We were both pretty sick by the end of the day. I usually took the bus home from school. I had to get off the bus before my stop and walk so I could vomit a few times. We slowed down our pace after that, and enlisted others to help.We spent about $50 on milk during the month long contest. We didn't win a single thing.-Andrew J.

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Article If Famous Videogame Characters Looked Like Their Voice Actors

By Owen Parsons / July 28, 2011

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Article The Weekly IRL: The Dark Knight Rises (8 Pictures)

By Staff / July 28, 2011

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