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Article Quiz: Which 'Pong' Character Are You?

By Andrew Bridgman / January 28, 2014

  Quiz: Which Pong Character Are You

The distinct and unique characters of Pong are truly the perfect avatars upon which to reflect our essential and most inherent humanity. Also - Don't forget to SHARE your results with your social networks!


 Quiz: Which Pong Character Are You

1. What's your ideal date night?


a. Preventing a ball from leaving off of the left side of the screen
b. Preventing a ball from leaving off of the right side of the screen


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Article The Greatest Disney Princess Mash-Ups On the Internet

By Chloe Cole / January 24, 2014

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Article Toplist Results: The 15 Greatest Street Fighter Characters of All-Time

By Staff / January 23, 2014

Toplist Results: The 15 Greatest Street Fighter Characters of AllTime

Often held up as the single greatest fighting series of all-time (narrowly beating out the Shaq-Fu quadrilogy), Street Fighter is defined by its huge cast of unique characters. And to find out who was the greatest ones were, we held a toplist - and after 400,000 votes, we found them. Here they are - the 15 greatest Street Fighter characters of all-time.


15. Sakura

Toplist Results: The 15 Greatest Street Fighter Characters of AllTime

Underage schoolgirls

Probably shouldn't be in

Worldwide Death Tourneys.


14. E. Honda

Toplist Results: The 15 Greatest Street Fighter Characters of AllTime

Hangs out at bath house,

Gets into fights with strangers.

Nothing weird here, guys.


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Article The 10 Types of Rollercoaster Tycoon Players

By Andrew Bridgman / January 23, 2014

The 9 Types of Rollercoaster Tycoon Players

It's not enough for you to be a Rollercoaster Tycoon - you want to be a Rollercoaster Artist. You want to make brilliant rides that provide all of the thrills and daring design elements that you find lacking in IRL rollercoasters. Who cares if literally every guest says that your rollercoasters look too intense for them? The cowards at Six Flags have nothing on your latest vomit-inducing masterpiece.


The 9 Types of Rollercoaster Tycoon Players

I know what you're thinking - an unfinished rollercoaster? Yikes! Well, fear not - the coaster will shoot you up right to the tippy-top, and then you'll come roaring back, like an on-rails pendulum! Should be quite the thrill....unless a certain tycoon were to "accidentally" increase the launch speed to 90mph, that is. Oops! What an unfortunate accident. Oh well, anyone else want to try out "The George R.R. Martin Coaster"?

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Article Flowchart: Should You Buy This Single-Issue Comic?

By Nat Towsen / January 22, 2014
Flowchart: Should You Buy This Single Issue Comic

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Article 10 Pokemon Who Have MUCH Cooler Names in Other Countries

By Jake Young / January 21, 2014
10 Pokemon Who Have MUCH Cooler Names in Other Countries

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Article Pwn Up: Lose Yourself

By Jake Young / January 20, 2014

After last week's edition (the Pulitzer award winning "Pwn Up: Our Moment of Triumph") we asked our readers to share stories about moments when victory evaded their grasp. You guys did not disappoint with your disappointments and we're going to share some of the best ones. If you have a moment so nerdy that you need to tell the Internet about it, we want you to send your submissions to dorklypwnup at gmail


Pwn Up: Lose Yourself


This summer me and my sister were staying at my cousin's for the night since we both had a lot of free time on our hands. Me and my cousin ended up playing endless hours of Pokemon Emerald and ranting about it the whole day while my bored sibling just watched us since she wasn't into Pokemon.

Sometime after midnight we turned my cousin's room into a battle arena while role playing as our favorite Pocket Monsters; I was Pikachu and she was Lillipup. So basically imagine the two of us screaming random Pokemon moves accompanying it with singing the battle theme song in our pajamas ,running around the room like maniacs. The worst part was we were both pant-less. We had a blast goofing around with each other performing every single move available, but the horrifying truth was that we were completely unaware my sister was sitting in a corner and filming the entire process.

Months passed and we forgot about that until a few weeks ago my sibling did the most embarrassing thing to me after an argument we had; I witnessed her show the video (which my soul was completely unaware of) to the entire household because she wanted to get back to me! I ran to my room feeling heavily defeated when I heard the family blast in a laugh while she showed it to my parents . Now I also know if I ever dare make her too angry or do something similar again, she'll put the video on the internet.

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Article Star Trek's Uhura Was Convinced To Stay On The Show...By Martin Luther King Jr.

By Andrew Bridgman / January 20, 2014



While Star Trek is often dismissed as a weird subsection of nerd culture, it's hard to downplay how hugely important it was to society (outside of the convention world) - the series, the brainchild of creator Gene Roddenberry, presented a vision of the future that was almost unheard of at the time (near the height of the Cold War): it was a future that was bright, where the possibilities were endless. It was a future where people of all beliefs, nationalities, creeds, races, and species worked together to achieve great things. It was a future of tolerance and peace. While the rest of the world was expecting the future to be one of burnt skies and atomic fallout, Star Trek said we'd be traveling through space (granted - to 1920's gangster planets and also wrestling with lizard people, but still).

Also, it contained the first scripted interracial on-screen kiss in television history, between Nichelle Nichols' Lieutenant Uhura and William Shatner's Captain Kirk (granted - while both were being controlled by faux-Greek aliens using telekinesis, but still).

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Article Toplist Results: The 25 Worst Pokemon of All-Time

By Andrew Bridgman / January 20, 2014

Toplist Results: The 25 Worst Pokemon of AllTime

After deciding the best Pokemon of all-time, we decided to find out which Pokemon were the worst - and over 500,000 votes later, you told us. Hint: you guys sure don't like cocoons. These are the 25 worst Pokemon of all-time.

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Article Letter from the Regular Potion in Your Item Bag

By Jake Young / January 16, 2014

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