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Article The Nerdiest Christmas Trees

By Chloe Cole / December 24, 2013
Nerdiest Christmas Trees

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Article What 'Game of Thrones' Actors Looked Like In Their Younger Days

By Staff / April 14, 2014


Young Tywin Lannister (in Pascali's Island)

Game of Thrones Actors In the Wayback Machine

Yep, that's Lannister patriarch Charles Dance - in total young stud mode - hanging out with young Helen Mirren. Old people! They used to be young!


Young Ned Stark (in The Bill)

Game of Thrones Actors In the Wayback Machine  

Old age is coming.


Article The Complete Guide To Doctor Who: Everything You Need To Know To Prepare For 'The Day of the Doctor'

By Andrew Bridgman / November 14, 2013

   The Doctor Who Guide: Everything You Need To Know To Prepare For THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR

Doctor Who has a legacy amongst the geek community that few properties can match - an incredibly lengthy history, an enormously dedicated fanbase, and one of the most successful television shows of all-time. Still, there are some who simply aren't familiar with the series at all - and with such a complicated, far-reaching mythology, it can be a little daunting to know where to start. That's why we've put together a simple guide that will help you catch up with and understand Doctor Who in time for the upcoming special, The Day of the Doctor. Get ready to jump in - Geronimo!

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Article The Weekly IRL: Valve Cosplay

By Jared Bronen / July 12, 2013


GLaDOS & Wheatley
The Weekly IRL: Valve Cosplay

This is some hardcore cosplay.(via)

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Article If The Internet Wrote Ghostbusters

By Andrew Bridgman / September 6, 2013

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Article Children Review LEGO Videogames

By Chloe Cole / November 7, 2013

The newest Lego video game, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, was just released. The best thing about Legos (or LEGO, if you're gonna be that guy) is that kids love them. Seriously, they go crazy for Legos. Commonsense Media has given a wonderful gift to the world by allowing child gamers a platform to express their feelings about Lego games. We've gathered some of the best.

Here are some rave reviews that children wrote about LEGO Batman 2: DC Superheroes:


Team Work is always Very Good




Besides glitches and easiness, BEST GAME EVER!!!! 

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Article The 20 Best Dorkly Articles of 2013 (#20 - #11)

By Staff / December 24, 2013

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Article Star Wars Casting Call Descriptions Are Getting Lazy

By Andrew Bridgman / November 12, 2013

An open casting call was just put up for a new Disney film - and insiders have already confirmed that the vague post is for the new Star Wars film, tentatively known only as Episode VII. Along with it are vague character descriptions with obviously fake names to help hide what characters will be appearing in the heavily-anticipated film. However, a few of these descriptions seem to be doing a pretty bad job of hiding who exactly they're supposed to be.




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Article Pwn Up: Pwnkemon X & Y

By Andrew Bridgman / October 14, 2013

Ever had a moment so nerdy that you needed to tell the Internet about it? Send your submissions to dorklypwnup at gmail.

Pwn Up: Pwnkemon X Y

I was walking through my kitchen one day and hit my elbow against a drawer that was slightly open. Instead of saying "ow that hurt," I said "ow that did a lot of damage".  I held my head in shame for the rest of the day.



I just recently saw a commercial for the new Pokemon X and Y. It was advertised with people ages 16-18. My first thought when I saw them talking about the new Pokemon was "These kids are way too old to be playing Pokemon!" Immediately after that thought I remembered that I'm 22 and love Pokemon. I still collect Pokemon cards, play Pokemon games, and watch the show...and I'm married.



I  completely translated Al Bhed in Final Fantasy X myself within a couple hours of starting the game, just because I couldn't stand not knowing every little thing that was going on. I still have the notes in one of my old notebooks. Yes, I had an internet connection. No, I didn't think to just look it up.



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Article The 20 Best Internet Pictures of the Year

By Andrew Bridgman / December 26, 2013

 The 20 Best Internet Pictures of the Year


20. Star Wars BFFs

(via Chris Gugliotti)

Star Wars: BFFs

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