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Article Letter from the Regular Potion in Your Item Bag

By Jake Young / January 16, 2014

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Article 5 Disney Princesses and their Videogame Equivalents

By Peter Rubens / February 18, 2014

Belle = Final Fantasy

Disney Princesses and their Videogame Equivalents


  • Is super into reading lots and lots of text

  • Willing to put up with long periods of abuse and neglect

  • Sees no problem with ridiculous costumes



Jasmine = Pokemon

Disney Princesses and their Videogame Equivalents

  • Some kid who re-named himself shows up and changes everything

  • Thinks keeping insanely dangerous pets is normal

  • Originally had two colors: blue and red

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Article The Dorklyst: The 8 Most Bizarre Celebrity Videogame Pitchmen

By Hudson Hongo / September 10, 2013

When deciding how to spend your hard-earned gaming dollar, a celebrity endorsement is about as convincing as a YouTube comment reading "SONIC RULEZ." Nevertheless, game publishers have used famous faces to sell their products for years. Of course, few of these stars have any actual connection to videogames, leading to Nintendo Hard mindf*cks like "Would I enjoy the same paddle-based arcade action as Don Knotts?" In honor of deputy Fife and other questionably chosen game reps, here are some of the strangest people to ever pimp a PlayStation, Atari, and any other thing Aretha Franklin probably has zero interest in.

8. Don Knotts for Atari Breakout

Even after repeat viewings, it's basically impossible to follow the thought process behind this 1978 commercial. "Okay, so for Home Run we'll have Pete Rose and for Air Sea Battle we'll use, um, Pelé, and for Breakout…screw it, Don Knotts, I guess?" Admittedly, Breakout doesn't have a lot in the story department other than "smash the bricks with your ball," but they still could have found a more convincing jailbird than The Incredible Mr. Limpet. Or, if they were going the comedy route, someone who's Atari-directed threats came across as just a bit less murder-y.

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Article Twitch Plays Pokemon Has Killed Lord Helix!

By Andrew Bridgman / March 15, 2014

 In the world of Twitch Plays Pokemon, no one is safe - not even gods. For on Saturday, March 15th, the players of Pokemon Crystal defeated their ultimate foe: THEMSELVES...and also their god, Lord Helix.

Twitch Plays Pokemon Has Killed Lord Helix

via Jack Kaiser

In case you're not familiar (and judging by how Pokemon stuff tends to do on this site and on the internet as a whole, you probably are), after you defeat the Elite 4 and your rival and become the Pokemon League champion of Johto, the original Pokemon region of Kanto opens to you, where you will need to defeat the gym leaders and get another 8 badges. And once that's complete, you travel to Mt. Silver and face off against Red - the hero of Pokemon Red/Blue.

Twitch Plays Pokemon Has Killed Lord Helix

via VerbumDei

The team held by AJ (the nickname for Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal's protagonist) was Solid Snake (Steelix), Ace (Raticate), Katie (Dragonite), Burrito (Espeon), LazorGator (Feraligatr), and Brian (Pidgeot).

Normally Red's team consists of Pikachu, Espeon, Snorlax, Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise. But the emulators of Twitch Plays Pokemon decided to keep the canon of their own playthrough, and replaced Red's normal team with Bird Jesus (Pidgeot), Battery Jesus (Zapdos), All Terrain Venomoth (Venomoth), The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Lapras), King Fonz (Nidoking), and Lord Helix (Omastar).



By Andrew Bridgman / December 7, 2013



Beginning a few weeks ago, Fallout fans worldwide have been talking about a mysterious site named "The Survivor 2299." While the site did not directly state that it was connected to Bethesda Softworks (the publisher behind Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas), the imagery used and hints within the source code clearly indicated that it was some sort of viral marketing for a new entry in the Fallout series. And though Bethesda remained tight-lipped throughout, there were countdowns that were seemingly leading to a major announcement. And on December 6th, that announcement came...

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Article Well, Twitch Is Playing ANOTHER Pokemon Game

By Andrew Bridgman / March 2, 2014

Twitch Plays Pokemon: Gold Version

Those maniacs at Twitch Plays Pokemon - not content with their original experiment, which lasted about 400 consecutive hours - have begun a game of Pokemon Crystal. For people invested in this (which includes: people with the willpower and patience to actually participate in this, and exhausted internet writers who would like to not be doing this on a Sunday morning) this feels a little soon - it started a mere 24 hours after the completion of Pokemon Red. But the game is afoot, so GET YOUR ENGINES REVVED FOR SLOW, CHAOTIC PROGRESS!

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Article The Best Quotes From Frank Underwood, Pokemon Champion

By Andrew Bridgman / February 19, 2014

The Best Quotes From Frank Underwood, Pokemon Champion


The Best Quotes From Frank Underwood, Pokemon Champion

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Article The Conversation That Takes Place After Every Marvel Movie

By Andrew Bridgman / March 22, 2014

   The Conversation That Takes Place After Every Marvel Movie


  1. You

    Oh man. OH MAN, that was great.

  2. Significant Other

    Yeah, that was pretty good. Anyways, let's go, I gotta go pee -

  3. You


  4. S.O.

    Oh right - the post-credits scene.

  5. [baffling and context-free post-credits scene plays]
  6. S.O.

    Wait - huh? What was that? Was that Benicio del Toro in a wig in a swamp science lab?

  7. You


  8. S.O.

    Okay. Well, that was something. Anyways, can we go now? I gotta go to the bathroo-

  9. You


  10. S.O.

    But...but we saw the post-credits scene. We're not gonna sit through the crazy-long credits too, are we? Are you saying there's a POST-post-credits scene?

  11. [You nod furiously]
  12. S.O.



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Article The 10 Most WTF Examples of Doctor Who Fan Fiction

By Chloe Cole / November 21, 2013

On November 23rd, the BBC show, "Doctor Who," will celebrate its 50th Anniversary with a special television event called "The Day of the Doctor." To prepare for D-Day, enjoy these titles and excerpts from the most NSFW Doctor Who fan fiction on the internet.


Conjugal Visits

by clare009

"The Doctor and River take advantage of their legal rights in unconventional ways."


Because Doctor Who is all about following the rules.

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Article Well, These Videogame Consoles All Look Legit

By Staff / April 17, 2014

Step 1: Pick the worst movie of the year

Step 2: Forget how to spell "Batman"

Step 3: Re-evaluate your life choices


Well, These Videogame Products All Look Legit


via Technabob




If you're gonna knock off a console, maybe at least choose one of the successful ones.


Well, These Videogame Products All Look Legit


via My Treamcast


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