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Article Toplist Results: The 25 Most Anticipated Games of 2014

By Staff / January 9, 2014
Toplist Results: The 25 Most Anticipated Games of 2014

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Article Must-See Comic Artists That Will Be At C2E2

By Jake Young / April 19, 2014

Fun Fact: Comic Book Conventions have Comic Books.

At this year's C2E2 they're bringing in some real heavy hitters from the world of comic art. It's these folks that helped build the worlds, characters and imagery that are the backbone of the mass-media franchises we know and love. Here's just a small sample of the amazing storytellers that will be appearing in Chicago this year.


Adi Granov

There's no artist more responsible for bringing Iron Man into the 21st Century than Adi Granov. Starting with the Extremis storyline by Warren Ellis and working as a key concept artist for Marvel Studios, Adi's Shellhead is the definitive edition.

C2E2 Weekends: MustSee Comic Artists That Will Be There

C2E2 Weekends: MustSee Comic Artists That Will Be There

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Article The Dorklyst: The 8 Most Bizarre Celebrity Videogame Pitchmen

By Hudson Hongo / September 10, 2013

When deciding how to spend your hard-earned gaming dollar, a celebrity endorsement is about as convincing as a YouTube comment reading "SONIC RULEZ." Nevertheless, game publishers have used famous faces to sell their products for years. Of course, few of these stars have any actual connection to videogames, leading to Nintendo Hard mindf*cks like "Would I enjoy the same paddle-based arcade action as Don Knotts?" In honor of deputy Fife and other questionably chosen game reps, here are some of the strangest people to ever pimp a PlayStation, Atari, and any other thing Aretha Franklin probably has zero interest in.

8. Don Knotts for Atari Breakout

Even after repeat viewings, it's basically impossible to follow the thought process behind this 1978 commercial. "Okay, so for Home Run we'll have Pete Rose and for Air Sea Battle we'll use, um, Pelé, and for Breakout…screw it, Don Knotts, I guess?" Admittedly, Breakout doesn't have a lot in the story department other than "smash the bricks with your ball," but they still could have found a more convincing jailbird than The Incredible Mr. Limpet. Or, if they were going the comedy route, someone who's Atari-directed threats came across as just a bit less murder-y.

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Article Start Your Day Out Right With Some Awesome Nerdy Pancakes

By Staff / March 18, 2014

What's the only thing better than pancakes in the morning? Intricately-designed nerdy pancakes that look so incredible they almost make you feel bad for wanting to eat them. Almost.

Some Awesome Nerdy Pancakes

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Article Pwn Up: An Educational Pwn Up

By Andrew Bridgman / September 23, 2013
Every now and then, we get a such big and thorough entry submitted to us, that we have absolutely no choice but to run it as its own very special edition of Pwn Up. This is one of those times.
Pwn Up: An Educational Pwn Up
I'm a 29 year old whose currently working on his Masters degree in Education. One of my classes happens to be called "Assessment in Education." Basically every other week we have to make up an assessment based on the different styles of teaching and learning (yes, there's 3. There's Cognitive, Psychomotor and Affective). Anyway last week I had to do an assignment where you have to come up with a scoring rubric for a psychomotor activity within your content, but if you couldn't think of anything you could do a rubric on something within your interest. In case your wondering, a psychomotor activity is an activity where the students have to physically perform an act. This could be baking a cake, putting a small engine together or basically anything where they have to perform steps to complete the task. My problem is my content is social studies and most class format involves lectures and discussion. There's not too many activities where you have the students perform steps to complete tasks. Luckily, as I stated the professor said we could do something within our interest, and being a huge dork, I play a lot of video games on my free time. So with that, I came up with a scoring rubric on hooking up the original 8-bit NES to a television. The rubric had steps such as hooking up the RF adapter to the NES/TV, setting the NES to either channel 3 or 4 and finally putting the game in the system and having it up in running. I wasn't sure she'd accept it, but when I got the paper back I received a 100 on the assignment. Now that's thinking outside the box.

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Article 'Batman vs. Superman' vs. 'Captain America 3'

By Andrew Bridgman / April 8, 2014

  Captain America 3 Talks To Batman vs Superman

As of right now, both Batman vs. Superman and Captain America 3 are due to be released on May 6, 2016. That's right - two of the biggest superhero movies ever, both planned for the same day. Marvel originally claimed this date for an unnamed movie - so DC planned their huge crossover film for the same day, expecting Marvel to blink. But with the success of The Winter Soldier, Marvel went ahead and announced that Captain America 3 would indeed be released then.

  1. Batman vs. Superman

    Ooo...awkward. This is our date - sorry Captain America 3.

  2. Capt. America 3

    No way, Batfleck vs. Hopeman, Marvel was savin' this spot for me.

  3. Batman vs. Superman

    Well, uh, technically they were just saving it for "Untitled Marvel Film." That doesn't really count.

  4. Capt. America 3

    Sure it does - now make way for Captain America 3: I'm a Better Superman Than Henry Cavill's City-Wrecking Saiyan

  5. Batman vs. Superman

    You're not really calling yourself that, are you?

  6. Capt. America 3

    Psh, who knows? Haven't even started writing the damn thing.

  7. Batman vs. Superman

    Yeah, that's sorta the thing - number 2 JUST came out - don't you think it's a little early to call a spot for the third one?

  8. Capt. America 3

    That's how Captain America 3 rolls, son. Pre-emptive strike up in this house!

  9. Batman vs. Superman

    But don't you know how much money you'll lose?

  10. Capt. America 3

    Are you kidding me? Have you seen the box office numbers? We got more green on us than the Hulk's dick.

Article Pwn Up: Let Sleeping Dogs Lay

By Andrew Bridgman / June 24, 2013

Ever had a moment so nerdy that you needed to tell the Internet about it? Send your submissions to dorklypwnup at gmail.

Pwn Up: Let Sleeping Dogs Lay
So I have a license, but I do not own a car. For the past six years the only driving I've done has been from driving a big-ass work truck. Over the past few days, I have been playing Sleeping Dogs quite a bit. The game takes place in Hong Kong and, of course, the roads are opposite of American roads (you drive on the left side in the game). I have not driven the truck in a while and today was the first time I got to in months. I take a left and calmly keep the turn tight knowing that the left side of the road is my direction. Imagine my surprise when a car comes headlong at me and I swerve into the right side of the road remembering that I am not in Hong Kong.-KDL

So there is this local Pokémon tournament in my town that I wanted to enter myself in – but they were using SoulSilver and HeartGold, and all my Pokémon are in Platinum (over 300). I spent a whole night in SoulSilver catching 300 Pidgeys to trade into Platinum for my best Pokémon.

I ended up winning the tournament.-Anthony

I've been seeing this girl for some time now, and suddenly she starts showing more interest for my tattoo (I have the hearts from The legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening on my arm), like what game its from and so on… Well today I found out she had an ulterior motive with the information, and here is the result…-Esben

Pwn Up:
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Article The Best Cosplay in C2E2 History (Part 3)

By Staff / April 5, 2014

 The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2)  is upon us - the biggest entertainment convention in the Windy City means one thing: cosplay. C2E2 has been home to some of the best cosplays in recent history, and this year they'll be honoring the costumed geeks from across the country with the C2E2 Crown Championships of Cosplay, a competition awarding cash and prizes to the best cosplayers around.

C2E2 has been taking cosplay to the next level for years - and here's a taste of that.


The Weasleys

The Best Cosplay in C2E2 History Part 3

via Collider

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Article The 10 Worst Snow Levels in Videogame History

By Tristan Cooper / February 28, 2014

The 10 Worst Snow Levels in Videogame History

This winter has been pretty rough. Snow, ice and freezing rain are showing up in parts of the country that exclusively wear flip-flops. Life in the polar vortex has been like living in a videogame ice level. Sometimes it can be fun, sometimes a lot of fun, but too much can be a real drag. In recognition of the unusually crappy climate conditions, we've compiled a list of the most difficult and dreadful snow levels in gaming. Grab some hot cocoa and stay inside with some games that will make you feel like you're stuck outside.


10. Spelunky - Caves


Spelunky is great - but it's also the worst game ever made. Every level of this platforming roguelike is designed to murder you and make you feel like it was your fault. "Why'd you make me do that, baby? If you hadn't provoked that giant spider it wouldn't have scared you into impaling yourself on that spike pit." The third world, the Caves, is especially brutal. Fraught with tough jumps, landmines, wooly mammoths and laser-shooting aliens, traversing the Caves is made even harder by the icy-slick surfaces. Getting thrown into a bottomless pit by a yeti should be a sign about how you're spending your time, but it will only make you slap your back with a belt and try again.

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Article 4 Other Things Penny Arcade Should Apologize For

By Andrew Bridgman / January 2, 2014

 4 Other Things Penny Arcade Should Apologize For You may have heard that Mike Krahulik (the artist behind the internet's eldest webcomic Penny Arcade and the IRL version of character Gabe) has had a year of offending people over numerous topics - recognition of transgendersthe appropriateness of rape joke merchandise, and other crummy behavior. Yesterday, he put out a blanket apology for his behavior, along with some insight into why he behaves the way he does sometimes, a promise to be better in the future, and an announcement that he plans on removing himself from PAX gradually.

And while this is a positive step in the right direction (we'll see how it actually shakes out), here are 4 more things Penny Arcade should apologize for.


1. Mike Krahulik Proposed To His Girlfriend Via Videogame Webcomic

A VERY Special Penny Arcade!

In February of 1997, Mike Krahulik (aka Gabe) proposed to his girlfriend via webcomic. While the words are very sweet and heartfelt and it seems like they have a lovely marriage and life together 14 years later - he proposed to her with a freaking jpeg. A TINY JPEG. WITH COMIC SANS FONT. It's hard to imagine any person on this Earth's dream is to be proposed via a webcomic posting featuring your webcomic alter-ego. Shouldn't he himself (Mike) have been proposing instead of the character Gabe? Pretty much the most romantic thing you should ever do with a webcomic is....Hm. Okay. I just spent 15 minutes thinking and came up blank. Lesson of the day: don't ever try to do a romantic gesture with a webcomic.


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