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Article The 10 Most WTF Examples of Doctor Who Fan Fiction

By Chloe Cole / November 21, 2013

On November 23rd, the BBC show, "Doctor Who," will celebrate its 50th Anniversary with a special television event called "The Day of the Doctor." To prepare for D-Day, enjoy these titles and excerpts from the most NSFW Doctor Who fan fiction on the internet.


Conjugal Visits

by clare009

"The Doctor and River take advantage of their legal rights in unconventional ways."


Because Doctor Who is all about following the rules.

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Article Pwn Up: Friendship is Tragic

By Jake Young / November 18, 2013

Ever had a moment so nerdy that you needed to tell the Internet about it? Send your submissions to dorklypwnup at gmail.

Pwn Up: Friendship is Tragic


So back in the day my friends and I were having a Halo 2 match using nothing but shotguns and sniper rifles. We were all playing at my house and it was all on one TV. As such screen peeking was an issue, but as friends we tried not to peek in order to keep it competitive. I had found a great perch to snipe from and was doing my best when I noticed buddy Michael's player had stopped moving. I couldn't help myself and looked at his screen only to notice that he had a shotgun pointed right at someone's head at point blank range. By the time the light bulb flicked on and I realized what was happening I was dead. Now here's the kicker. In the game he had snuck up behind me, put the barrel right against my head, and then in real life he turned and waited for me to notice. Only when he saw my expression change did he blow my head off. In hindsight it was hilarious, but in that moment I got pissed and punched him in the shoulder as hard as I could.....and dislocated it. We popped it back in, but we decided to take a break from Halo for a while.



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Article Darth Vader Has Some Questions For the Emperor

By Andrew Bridgman / March 28, 2014
Darth Vader Has Some Questions For The Emperor

Article The 20 Best Dorkly Articles of 2013 (#20 - #11)

By Staff / December 24, 2013

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Article 7 More Videogame Worlds It Would Seriously Suck To Live In

By Andrew Bridgman / April 2, 2014

1. Civilization

6 More Videogame Worlds It Would Seriously Suck To Live In

Welcome to your new civilization! As a citizen of this new society, you will be ruled by an immortal god-king with complete control over every aspect of your life and the entire civilization. Also, you will be more or less in a state of constant warfare with the rest of the world. Building ANYTHING takes decades upon decades. If you're one of the unfortunate few who's drafted into the war effort, you may very well end up being a spearman or a horseback rider stuck battling a friggin' TANK.

Oh, and you're always in danger of being nuked by Gandhi - or if you happen to live in Gandhi's civilization, always in danger of being retaliation-nuked by EVERYONE ELSE who Gandhi just started  a nuclear war with.


2. Sonic the Hedgehog

6 More Videogame Worlds It Would Seriously Suck To Live In

The world of Sonic is generally pretty terrible - everything is divided into insanely-dangerous, completely incongruous 'zones' - from lava-filled ruins to a world of enormous casinos to a place that's just nothing but pollution. And odds are you're going to be a tiny forest critter who's subjected to one of two fates: either being locked in a capsule, waiting desperately for anyone to come by and press a button to release you (hopefully they come fast enough) or getting a sweet robot-body and inevitably having it destroyed by an out-of-control enormous hedgehog whose body is essentially covered in blades. You're nothing but a pawn caught between groups of beings trying to collect super-gems that will give them Dragonball Z knockoff powers.

And while humans DID become part of the Sonic mythos later on (not including Dr. Robotnik, who was bizarrely the only human present for the first couple games in the series), life isn't gonna be much better for you. In fact, there's a pretty good chance you'll be kissing anthropomorphic hedgehogs before you know it. 

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Article Everything You Need To Know About Tonight's Community (Season 5, Episode 3)

By Andrew Bridgman / January 9, 2014

Everything You Need To Know About Tonights Community Season 5, Episode 3

This episode is titled "Basic Intergluteal Numismatics."

Intergluteal meaning "between buttocks" and numismatics meaning "currency, primarily coins". And, uh, basic meaning..."basic". So basically (see what I did there?) - Coins Between Butt-Cheeks.

Everything You Need To Know About Tonights Community Season 5, Episode 3

...and they delivered.

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Article The Best Luigi Fan Art on the Internet

By Andrew Bridgman / December 6, 2013

As the Year of Luigi winds to a close, we're looking to honor the eternal second banana of videogames. And since the internet has produced more fan art about every aspect of videogames than you could possibly imagine, we gathered together some of the best Luigi fan art out there.

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Article The Dorklyst: 11 Terrible Videogames Worth More Than Your First Car

By Hudson Hongo / August 9, 2013
The Dorklyst: 11 Terrible Videogames Worth More Than Your First Car

Some rare games are lost classics, superb artistic and technical achievements that, for one reason or another, flopped in the marketplace faster than you can say "8-bit Moby-Dick." But for every Ōkami and EarthBound, there are 100 other failed releases like Cheetahmen II, gag-inducing stinkers that even their creators would prefer we just forget about. Unfortunately for them, the collector's market doesn't give a Shaq-Fu what they think, as evidenced by these 11 awful, rare, and awfully rare games that nevertheless sell for more than your high school beater.

11. Link: The Faces of Evil

Auction Price: $590Car It's Worth More Than: 1989 Geo Metro

Criticize Skyward Sword all you want, at least it never triggered any acid flashbacks. The same can't be said for Link: The Faces of Evil, one of three notoriously weird Zelda titles released on the Philips CD-i. Seemingly based on one of Shigeru Miyamoto's fever dreams, The Faces of Evil is famous for the bizarre full-motion cutscenes that make it closer to a David Lynch movie than a proper Zelda outing. But despite looking and sounding like a prescription cough syrup bender, a new copy of this game can sell for nearly $600, making it a better investment than that Geo Metro your buddy swears just needs a new transmission.

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Article Best Gaming New Year's Resolutions

By Chloe Cole / December 31, 2013

Gamers are taking to twitter to share their New Year's resolutions with the world because twitter is a great medim to express your new goals for yourself. It pretty much guarantees public humiliation when these resolutions are not met. Enjoy these gaming resolutions tweets! 

Best Gaming New Years Resolutions

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Article Toplist Results: The 15 Greatest Generation IV Pokemon

By Andrew Bridgman / November 20, 2013

Toplist Results: The 15 Greatest Generation IV Pokemon

The Generation 4 results are in - and after 2.2 million votes, we have the top 15 Sinnoh-kemon. While the Bidoof enthusiasts made their voices heard in the comments, the votes were not enough to put everyone's favorite badger-rodent-thing over the top. So here are the (reminder: according to voters, not ME, Bidoof-ophiles) greatest 15 Pokemon from Generation 4.


15. Electivire

  Toplist Results: The 15 Greatest Generation IV Pokemon

Gen 4 was a gift to many sadly-unevolving Pokemon from Gen 1 - Magmar grew into Magmortar, Tangela grew into Tangrowth, and Electabuzz grew into Electivire. Not to get too personal, but as someone who was a dumb kid in the days before Bulbapedia, I foolishly trained an Electabuzz to Level 100, convinced it would evolve eventually. It didn't. But knowing now that it would have evolved into Electivire makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, even if it does look like an electric gorilla with two dongs coming out of its shoulders.

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