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Article 7 Things From The Game of Thrones Books Even More Haunting Than The Red Wedding

By Andrew Bridgman / June 13, 2013

Daenerys is, like, 14 years old

Things From Game of Thrones Even More Haunting Than The Red Wedding

Daenerys is in a rough spot when Game of Thrones begins – she's the exiled daughter of a brutally-deposed king, her psychotic brother has arranged for her to be married to a nomadic warrior king who's really into horses, and just look at how that name is spelled. She probably has to correct people all the time. But the real messed up thing is that she starts off the books at the age of 14. That's when she's forced into having sex with her new Dothraki husband. So – remember that cool Khal Drogo guy? He's a child rapist. The show gets away with making this all seem not-creepy-as-hell because Emilia Clarke is in her 20's (she would be a great-grandmother by this point in the world of Game of Thrones).

So whenever you get excited to see Daenerys nude in Game of Thrones, remember that Chris Hansen is going to knock on your door at any moment.

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Article The Internet REALLY Likes Espurr

By Jake Young / October 22, 2013

Of all the new Pokemon unveiled in X and Y, there's been a real standout according to the fanart community. Espurr, labeled as the "Restraint Pokemon" (no really) is a psychic-type kitty cat that has delighted fans around the world. Artists just can't stop drawing this little guy with his fluffy appearance and versatile moveset- oh who are we kidding, it's because of his harrowing stare that can see your darkest secrets.


The Internet REALLY Likes Espurr


"... it was 1993, you were all hopped up on Pecha Berries, and it was the last time you saw Steve."

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Article 8 Themed Pokemon Teams

By Andrew Bridgman / October 10, 2013
With new Pokemon games on the horizon, it's time to either meticulously plan out the most strategically-efficient team (zzzzzzz) or come up with goofy themed teams that probably aren't any good in competitive play, but are fun to put together (YAAAAAAY). The new Pokemon added in X & Y have expanded the themes you can use, so start thinking. Here are 8 examples you can use for inspiration (or just steal for your own use).
(Warning: new Pokemon spoilers within...)
8 Pokemon Theme Teams

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Article 5 Disney Princesses and their Videogame Equivalents

By Peter Rubens / February 18, 2014

Belle = Final Fantasy

Disney Princesses and their Videogame Equivalents


  • Is super into reading lots and lots of text

  • Willing to put up with long periods of abuse and neglect

  • Sees no problem with ridiculous costumes



Jasmine = Pokemon

Disney Princesses and their Videogame Equivalents

  • Some kid who re-named himself shows up and changes everything

  • Thinks keeping insanely dangerous pets is normal

  • Originally had two colors: blue and red

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Article Creepy, Creative, Disgusting, Delicious Bento Boxes for Halloween

By Jake Young / October 31, 2013

Creepy, Creative, Disgusting, Delicious Bento Boxes for HalloweenThe Japanese artform of 'kyaraben" involves edible recreations of pop-culture characters that you can stow in your lunchbox. However, they don't always have to be adorable. We've assembled a gallery of some of the creepiest, most unsettling horror-themed meals we could find, and yet it still made us hungry. Anybody know a good sushi place nearby?


Creative Creepy Cool Bento Boxes

This delicious bento box is a great meal idea, as long as there's no teenagers having sex nearby.


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Article Flowchart: Should You Start a New Game of Skyrim?

By Andrew Bridgman and Julia Lepetit / February 27, 2014

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Article The Best Goldeneye 64 Character

By Andrew Bridgman / November 5, 2013
The Best Goldeneye 64 Character

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Article Toplist Results: The 20 Greatest Fictional Detectives of All-Time

By Andrew Bridgman / February 6, 2014

Toplist Results: The 20 Greatest Fictional Detectives of AllTime

After over 400,000 votes, you (the voters) have solved the greatest mystery of all - who's the greatest fictional detective ever? You found the clues, questioned witnesses, planted evidence, threatened the jury...actually, you used some pretty underhanded methods. Regardless, you got results. And here they are - the 20 greatest fictional detectives of all-time!


20. Professor Layton

Toplist Results: The 20 Greatest Fictional Detectives of AllTime

While Professor Layton is, obviously, a professor (teaching Puzzology 101 at Why Does Everything Have To Be Puzzles??? University), the reality is that he's really a detective - solving mysteries and puzzles much more than setting office hours for his students. He's like Indiana Jones but if literally everyone Indy ran into made him steal a relic to answer the simplest questions. The top-hatted professor (along with his usual sidekick, Luke) spends his time running around Europe, solving mysteries through time and space, all while having a collar so popped they should call him Bro-fessor Layton.

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Article 25 Examples of Sims Being Creepy

By Chloe Cole / October 30, 2013

Everyone you've ever met has played the Sims because it's fun, it's family friendly and it makes childbirth look truly magical. The game's rated T, which means "Teen," but after looking at these unsettling Sim glitches, you'll think it actually means "Terrifying" or "Tear Your Eyes Out and Stomp on Them."


Scary Sims

"Aw, she has your eyes, Mother With No Eyes."

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Article The 5 Worst Types of Achievements and Trophies

By Miklós Takács / December 5, 2013

The 5 Worst Types of Achievements and Trophies

With the Playstation Vita and the newly released Playstation 4 and Xbox One, it's safe to say that achievements and trophies are not going anywhere. And why should they? It feels good to hear that beep, see the little image and read the descriptions. A number of them take significant effort and skill, and when we finally succeed we feel rewarded, even though the reward has no real value. Unfortunately, that usually isn't the case.


1. Moving forward in the story

What you think they mean: 'You're making nice progress with the story mode. Keep up the good work!'

What they actually mean: 'Gee, thanks for actually playing the f*cking game you bought.'

How entitled can we be as gamers? Not only do we spend valuable time pressing buttons on a piece of plastic in front of the TV to make E. Honda fly across the screen instead of learning languages, developing skills and interacting with other people, now we want to be rewarded for it. Story related A/Ts are not about doing something really impressive in the game, it's really just playing it from start to finish. This should be a given. You bought the game to play it. It's not you doing something extra, like beating the game on the hardest difficulty setting. You're just doing exactly what is expected of you.

  The 5 Worst Types of Achievements and Trophies

'You managed to not die. You're AWESOME!'

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