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Article The Avengers Celebrate Their Victory

By Andrew Bridgman / September 25, 2012

The Avengers Celebrate Their Victory - Image 1

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Article 40 Badass Reinterpretations of Mario Characters

By Andrew Bridgman / September 27, 2013
Badass Reinterpretations of Mario Characters

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Article The Greatest Prank Nintendo Ever Pulled

By Owen Parsons and Caldwell Tanner / June 10, 2011

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Article 7 Quotes That Could Have Saved The Star Wars Prequels

April 6, 2011

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Article Videogame Trailer Age Verifier Gets Suspicious

By Andrew Bridgman / September 20, 2012

Videogame Trailer Age Verifier Gets Suspicious - Image 1

Videogame Trailer Age Verifier Gets Suspicious - Image 1
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Article Anthony Hopkins' Fan Letter to 'Attack On Titan'

By Andrew Bridgman / October 15, 2013

You may have seen that Anthony Hopkins supposedly authored a fan letter to the cast of AMC's Breaking Bad, revealing himself to have marathoned the entire series and as giddy to share as the rest of the internet. But this was not his first fan letter. Here was the fan letter he wrote to Hajime Isayama, creator of the popular anime series Attack on Titan.


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Article How Mountain Dew Cheetos Became a Reality

By Andrew Bridgman / January 6, 2014


Mountain Dew Cheetos is a thing. No, this is not a joke: MOUNTAIN DEW CHEETOS IS NOW OFFICIALLY A THING. How did it come to this, you ask? We've got the transcript right here...


  1. Executive 1

    You know what? Fuck it. Mountain Dew Cheetos. BOOM.

  2. Executive 2

    Ha ha, very funny, Jerry. Now back to business -

  3. Executive 1

    No, I'm dead serious. Mountain Dew Cheetos. Cheetos that taste like that radioactive-green, vaguely-citrus slime.

  4. Executive 2

    That's insane, Jerry. We're trying to sell food to people products, not parody them.

  5. Executive 1

    I'm sick of it. Why are we beating around the bush here? These people want powder-y, sodium-packed snacks and a soda that's too fucking lazy to spell "Mountain." Let's save everyone a step and just mash 'em together.

  6. Executive 2

    That's going too far, Jerry. I didn't say anything when we made those Doritos tacos, but I gotta put my foot down here. I mean, what would it even taste like?

  7. Executive 1

    I'll tell you what it'll taste like...


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Article Gamebook: Quicksilver Comes Out to Magneto

By JWolf / November 17, 2011

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Article 7 More Star Wars Quotes That Would Have Saved The Empire

August 16, 2011

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Article 8 Middle Earth PSAs

By Julia Lepetit, Andrew Bridgman and Caldwell Tanner / January 21, 2013

Middle Earth PSAs - Image 9

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