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Article The 30 Best Fanmade Videogame Movie Posters

By Andrew Bridgman / October 8, 2012

The Best of Videogame Movie Posters - Image 1
Be careful about playing the movie soundtrack, unless you're okay with randomly causing rainstorms and summoning horses.
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Article Gamebook: Superman Finds a New Arch Enemy

By Jon Wolf / August 30, 2011

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Article If George Lucas Planned the Star Wars Prequels On Facebook

By Andrew Bridgman / September 19, 2012

If George Lucas Planned the Star Wars Prequels On Facebook - Image 1

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Article Brock And Officer Jenny Make It Facebook Official

By erssl / May 16, 2011

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Article Quiz: Which Harry Potter Character Are You REALLY?

By Andrew Bridgman / January 30, 2014

  Quiz: Which Harry Potter Character Are You REALLY


The Harry Potter series is THE BEST! And who wouldn't want to be one of the AMAZING powerful and incredible characters that sprung from the mind of J.K. Rowling? You could be a wizard, a witch, a Quidditch player - practically anything! And now you can find out which character you REALLY are by taking our quiz below! 


Quiz: Which Harry Potter Character Are You REALLY

1. What word would you use to describe yourself?

a. Brave
b. Ambitious
c. Loyal
d. Clever


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Article The 10 Most Miserable Creatures in the Pokemon World

By Andrew Bridgman / February 20, 2013
The 10 Most Miserable Creatures in the Pokemon World - Image 15

The life of a Pokemon is not a good one: they wander aimlessly in the grass, the desert, and the sea, attacking literally anything that comes by. Inevitably, they will be brutally beaten and captured by a trainer, who will keep them in a tiny ball or trapped in some PC ("Bill's PC", or "Whatever PC" in later vesions). Then, if they're lucky enough to escape their Tron-esque digital nightmare world, they will occasionally be trotted out to battle other Pokemon – where they will be burnt, frozen, paralyzed, poisoned, and a million other horrible things – all so some loser trainer can win some badges. But, even among Pokemon, some are far more miserable than the others. They actually have lives that are significantly worse. Here are the 10 most miserable creatures in Pokemon.

10. Igglybuff

The 10 Most Miserable Creatures in Pokemon - Image 1

"It has a soft and bouncy body. Once it starts bouncing, it becomes impossible to stop." (Pokemon Diamond)

Igglybuff looks like the happiest, most joy-filled Pokemon creature ever. And it very well might be! For the precious few moments of its life when it's still, that is. Because the second it bounces, that's it – it bounces forever. It's entire life is constant, perpetual motion – in total defiance of Newton's laws – that is wholly unstoppable, like some terrible amusement park ride that never ends. Plus, its name is Igglybuff and it's a weaker version of Jigglypuff. It doesn't get much worse than that.

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Article The 8 Types of Grand Theft Auto Players

By Andrew Bridgman / September 13, 2013

Grand Theft Auto games aren't immensely challenging - the game is designed to basically serve up an entire city as your own personal playground, so long as you don't mind stealing cars all the time and murdering every person in sight. But some people like to add a little challenge spice to the GTA stew by doing the impossible - actually following the law. No stealing cars, no murdering civilians, and - hell - even obey the traffic lights. It ain't always easy, but you'll appreciate what you got a whole lot more when you aren't punching a guy out of his own car to get it.

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Article The Greatest Disney Princess Mash-Ups On the Internet

By Chloe Cole / January 24, 2014

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Article 7 Reasons Why Hollywood Will Never Make a Wonder Woman Movie

By Andrew Bridgman / October 9, 2013


7 Reasons Why Hollywood Will Never Make a Wonder Woman Movie


1. No One Sees Action Movies Starring Women

7 Reasons Why Hollywood Will Never Make a Wonder Woman Movie

...unless it's Tomb Raider or any of the Resident Evil movies or Kill Bill or Charlie's Angels or OH SHIT The Hunger Games, that one made an assload of money. Other than those movies (oh also the Alien franchise), no one sees action movies starring women. Making good movies isn't the key here, it's all about the gender of the lead.

(oh right and Salt, too)

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Article 7 Pokemon In Their Later Years

By Wolfbat9 / May 6, 2011

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