Toplist Results: The 20 Greatest Videogame Sequels of All-Time

By Andrew Bridgman / January 30, 2014

  Toplist Results: The 20 Greatest Videogame Sequels of AllTime

 Ever wonder what the greatest videogame sequels of all-time are? Well, wonder no longer! After 900,000 votes from Dorkly readers and non-readers who just like clicking pictures a lot (see the full results here), we have the greatest number 2's in gaming history.


20. Star Fox 64

  Toplist Results: The 20 Greatest Videogame Sequels of AllTime

Beginning its life as Star Fox 2 for the SNES, eventually the project was scrapped and moved to the upcoming N64 system, starring a group of 4 animals that - for some reason - were the only ones interested in trying to stop a floating monkey head from destroying the galaxy (seriously, there's an entire army shown at the end that apparently all had shore leave during the game). With diverging mission paths, some great (if basic) multiplayer, and some top-notch meme lines (including my favorite: "Do a spin-type move, Commander McCloud!" - Pepper the Squirrel), StarFox 64 was one of the main reasons to get an N64 in the early days. But on top of all of this, it was the first game to utilize the Rumble Pak (it even came with one!). By simply jamming a 5 pound brick into your controller, you could truly understand how it felt to be a anthropomorphized fox piloting a starship through an asteroid belt.


19. BioShock 2

  Toplist Results: The 20 Greatest Videogame Sequels of AllTime

The red-headed stepchild of the BioShock franchise, BioShock 2 is actually pretty good, despite not having the same kinds of mind-blowing Shyamalan twists as BioShock 1 and BioShock Infinite and BioShock The Happening (lemme doublecheck that last one). To set it apart from the original, you play as a new kind of Big Daddy (one capable of using plasmids) and the big bad (Sofia Lamb) is more or less the opposite of Andrew Ryan's ideals - believing in altruism and selflessness (of course, she plans on accomplishing her goals by kidnapping and mutating children, so still pretty evil). Plus, the ending is pretty good compared to BioShock 1's, which lost a lot of steam after the "Would you kindly?" reveal. If there's one thing the first two BioShock games did, it was put an end to the myth that all underwater levels are terrible. If there are two things it did, it was that and also "probably don't harvest things out of children."


18. Uncharted 2

  Toplist Results: The 20 Greatest Videogame Sequels of AllTime

It's at once hard to believe and completely understandable that developer Naughty Dog began as the guys behind Crash Bandicoot. Take away one irrelevant 90s character wearing jorts and replace him with a rogue-ish modern Indiana Jones (but without the constant run ins with Hitler), and you have Uncharted. As one of the 10,000 characters currently being voiced by Nolan North, Nathan Drake is probably one of the most endearing (and provides fodder for a LOT of Nathan Fillion photoshops). 'Amongst Thieves' is the snowy Uncharted (with 1 being the jungle-y one, and 3 being the sand-y one) and also the one most lacking in Sully-ness. But the best parts of the game was the enormous cinematic quality of everything, and serving as a fine example of the best videogame movies being just regular videogames. Then again, a Bob Hoskins-starring Uncharted film would definitely be something.


17. Left 4 Dead 2

  Toplist Results: The 20 Greatest Videogame Sequels of AllTime

While I'm still super bummed they didn't title this "Left 5 Dead", it's hard to deny that this game is pretty much the pinnacle of fun multiplayer zombie games (not that's I'm saying DayZ isn't fun, per se, but DayZ really just isn't fun). Everything you loved about Left 3 Dead (retconning the name of the original to suit my wishes) is back and better - there's a new cast of four poor souls trying to shoot their way through hordes of undead, there's a bunch of new scenarios, and even more special zombies to make you so pissed your friends are terrible at this game. If the new Left Four Dead ever comes out, it'll have a lot to live up to (but will at least get us closer to a point where there will actually be a game called Left 4 Dead 4, which is basically a mirror-house version of 2Fast2Furious).


16. Team Fortress 2

  Toplist Results: The 20 Greatest Videogame Sequels of AllTime

Team Fortress 2 has a bizarre story behind it - the original Team Fortress was a Quake mod that was eventually rebuilt using Half-Life's software. Valve was working on a sequel that had a very realistic/military feel to it - before someone realized "how're we gonna sell hats with THIS?" Several years of delays and development hell later, they settled on the new, cartoonier design we all enjoy today. It's initial release was part of the mythical Orange Box (which also brought us Portal and the knowledge that we will never have another thing like this ever again in all of history). Today it exists as a free-to-play game through Steam with a hat-based economy so big, they literally hired an economist to keep the whole thing running smoothly.

You know what they say - hatters gonna hat.

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