Poké-Mecha: Lego Monsters in Disguise

By Jake Young / via Stormbringer / December 11, 2013



From the plastic-brick-addled mind of flickr user "Stormbringer" comes this reinterpretation of the Kanto starters as robotic battle mechs.

According to the artist: "I've created a new form of Pokemon battle, where giant mechs known as Poke-Mecha, engage in large-scale Pokemon battles, who are controlled by the Pokemon trainers who built them."


PokMecha: Lego Monsters in Disguise

What makes these constructions "mechs" and not a "thing made of Lego which automatically makes it look like a robot"? Because these suckers have pilots. I didn't see the pilots' names listed anywhere, so I'm just going to make them up.


PokMecha: Lego Monsters in Disguise

Rex "Hot Wingz" Jackson: Former Stunt Pilot/Firefighter at the helm of CHR-ZD.


See, this is what makes things cool. Mech Pilots. You want to make a robot cooler? Give it a cockpit. Now your protagonist is a superhero, a cyborg, and a racecar driver all in one. Give the pilot a tragic backstory and a political affiliation and you made your own Gundam spin-off.


PokMecha: Lego Monsters in Disguise

Arthur "Bubble Butt" Jackson (no relation):  Former Senator/Car Wash Manager inside the BLS-TOZ.

I want these to be real toys. Not only that, I want a shameless tie-in Saturday morning cartoon that's only meant to sell more toys. On top of that, I want a videogame (not Pokemon related), made as an afterthought and released on the original NES. 

PokMecha: Lego Monsters in Disguise

Jane "Death Blossom" Torres (neé Jackson): Former Geneticist/Lumberjack with her quadripedal VNZ-AUR 


So powerful are the nostalgia juices flowing from these pictures, that if there's any doctors reading this, please tell me the proper scientific name for "nostalgia juice" because it is all over my desk and it smells terrible.



PokMecha: Lego Monsters in Disguise


PokMecha: Lego Monsters in Disguise PokMecha: Lego Monsters in Disguise


It is highly recommended that you check out Stormbringer's flickr photostream where he has even more insane constructions.

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