10 Important Characters In Nintendo's History That Probably Won't Be In the New Smash Bros.

By Andrew Bridgman / July 26, 2013

7. The Virtual Boy

10 Important Characters In Nintendo History That Probably Wont Be In the New Smash Bros Games

Okay, sure – it was probably Nintendo's lowest moment, and really their only outright failure for a stand-alone console (we're not including CD-i in this equation, because c'mon, no one counts CD-i in anything). It was the original Oculus Rift, only awful and it forced you to gaze into a nightmare-scape of red and black. But it's still an important figure in Nintendo history – and would make for a pretty powerful Smash Bros. character. After all – nothing has ever done as much brutal damage to Nintendo as the Virtual Boy.

6. Captain N

10 Important Characters In Nintendo History That Probably Wont Be In the New Smash Bros Games

Captain N was every kid's dream: he was a regular, run-of-the mill cartoon teen who got mysteriously sucked into a world where videogame characters were real. The only problem was (if you can wipe away the nostalgia), the videogame characters were all terrible. Kid Icarus had a bizarre New York accent, Simon Belmont was essentially a proto-Zapp Brannigan, and Mother Brain literally had the same voice as the evil plant from Little Shop of Horrors. It was as if the writer had seen the characters in a manual and made up the rest from there (one example: Mega Man is green in the show, and it's rumored that the reason for this is the animators tried playing Mega Man once on a crappy TV with messed up colors. That was the extent of research done). Still, Captain N was Nintendo's first "original" cartoon show, and the Captain himself was a big part of that. Plus, he had a Power Pad that could stop time and a Nintendo Zapper that actually shot lasers. I don't care how crappy the cartoon was, that was every 80's kid dream (besides not getting blown up in a nuclear war, that is).

5. Stanley the Exterminator (Donkey Kong 3)

10 Important Characters In Nintendo History That Probably Wont Be In the New Smash Bros Games

Nintendo knew it had a big hit on its hands with Mario – a blue collar guy who was running his own series after a successful tenure as an ape-murderer/kidnapper. But since Mario was off to the big leagues, they needed a new hero to fight their totally original giant ape character with the last name "Kong" in Donkey Kong 3. And Nintendo decided upon a character you must all definitely remember: Stanley the Exterminator! Remember him? He wanted to protect his flowers from bugs that Donkey Kong was stirring up? You know, Stanley! No? Still nothing? Well, he was pretty much a shallow attempt to clone Mario, giving him the same outfit and a blue collar job title. Really, the only thing missing was some vaguely-offensive ethnic stereotyping.

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