20 of the Worst Videogame Covers of All-Time

By Andrew Bridgman / May 20, 2013

Let's Ride! Best in Breed 3D

Worst Covers In Videogame History
What's Wrong With It: Horrifying CGI Photoshopped horse is staring into your soul right now and will give you nightmares for the rest of eternity. If you beg for mercy, it will only reply "Neigh."

(Also, wow, they even did a crappy job Photoshopping the girl's hair?)

Brawl Brothers

Worst Covers In Videogame History
What's Wrong With It: Technically-speaking, this cover isn't so bad. The art isn't sloppy or lazy or displaying a lack of talent. But the actual design of the thing is confusing – what first appears to be a run-of-the-mill ugly, wall-smasher with terrible fashion sense is actually two different people mashed-up into a single brick-punching Frankenstein monster. Why they thought this would be a good idea for a game cover and not for a disturbing PSA against attempting to re-animate dead bodies sewn together is a real mystery.

Snow White and the 7 Clever Boys

Worst Covers In Videogame History
What's Wrong With It: You know those bizarre Taiwanese animations of recent events? The guys behind those would be embarrassed to be associated with this cover. Even if your game looks like total crap, you can at least try to trick people into buying it by giving it some kind of cool cover. The really, really weird part is that the game doesn't even really look like this at all. Also, Snow White is blonde in the game, and instead of the dwarfs on the cover, the "7 clever boys" all look like rejected members of the Burger King Kids' Club. Then again, if you actually bought a game with this cover, you probably deserve to be tricked.


Worst Covers In Videogame History
What's Wrong With It: This looks like an on-set photo where Sylvester Stallone was really bored after 8 hours of pretending to climb. Really, all this game had to do was use the poster for the movie. Someone else already did their job FOR them, and they still screwed it up.

Unless this game's actually about Stallone's behind-the-scenes boredom of shooting the movie, which would be pretty cool, but probably not too likely.

Blood 'n Guts

Worst Covers In Videogame History
What's Wrong With It: Uh. Well…it's sorta hard to single out any individual things wrong with this one, since pretty much every aspect of it is totally wrong and awful. So let's try pointing out the things that are right with this one instead:
  • The title appears to be spelled correctly Nevermind, what's with that arrow-like "T"?
  • Uh…?
  • Hey, what's that stuff oozing out of the top-left guy's horn?

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