The Dorklyst: 15 of the Most Sadly Unfinished Videogame Franchises

By Alex Z. Rogers / March 22, 2013

11. SiN

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SiN's storyline was kind of an afterthought, but the original shooter definitely left players with a big tease for a sequel after busty antagonist Elexis Sinclair escaped justice using the old "vagina flash distraction" trick (yes, this is a real thing that happened). The story of cop-for-hire Col. John Blade and his attempts to keep the futuristic megacity of Freeport mutant goon-free seemed destined to continue when SiN Episodes was released on Valve's Steam network. One of the earlier attempts at releasing episodic content in gaming, the first episode featured Col. Blade partnered up with a less busty female side-cop, who aided him in his continued efforts to track Elexis and shoot crime in the face. Unfortunately, only one of the nine planned episodes was ever released after developer ritual was purchased by a company that clearly did not care if Elexis' evil plans were ever stopped. Sad. If you liked SiN for the plot that is also sad.

10. Advent Rising

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With a script co-written by the famed science fiction author Orson Scott Card (of "Ender's Game"), what could go wrong? Well… Advent Rising ended with series hero Gideon stuck on an unforgiving ice planet, just as he learns sort of why an evil alien race is out to kill mankind – I mean, the reason (other than they're an evil alien race). Gideon confronts another alien on the planet, but it's a good alien (because it speaks to him with words rather than laser fire). Maybe this alien held the key to saving humanity and would explain why exactly humans are so special in a universe filled with other alien species who exist only to react to humans? Maybe this alien would turn out to actually be the evil mastermind of the evil aliens in a plot twist seen a mile away depending on how cryptic or sinister the script and voice work? Or maybe we'll never know because the sequel will never actually be released? Most likely the latter! I'm going to go ahead and guess the series sequel would have ended with humanity quickly exterminated while Gideon and the creature partnering up to open a snow cone stand because I can imagine whatever I want, so there.

9. Clive Barker's Undying

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Famed horror writer/director Clive Barker's several attempts to become the Tom Clancy of horror games have never met with much success, which is too bad for the fans of "Undying". Set in post-World War I Ireland (a truly horrifying place, even absent of hellspawn), the game followed the paranormal exploits of occult expert and demon hunter, Patrick Galloway. Called to the brooding "House of Usher"-esque manor of a war buddy who fears a demonic curse is annihilating his family, Galloway fought his way through the evil hordes to uncover the source of all this devilry. The final scene had our hero washed up on shore as a robed figure (likely his Germanic nemesis) absconds with a powerful magic totem that grants unearthly powers to all who wield it. Unfortunately, sales were so dismal not even the dreaded Necronomicon could hope to resurrect this series from purgatory, let alone an earnest Facebook petition. So, I guess evil wins. That's accounting for you.

8. Condemned

The Dorklyst: 15 of the Most Sadly Unfinished Videogame Franchises - Image 2

The original Condemned successfully blended the gritty noir vibe of dark crime thrillers (like "Se7en") with bum fighting. The sequel boasted even more alcoholism and smashing faces with rebar, but left fans even more lost as to what was going on and how the series might end. In short order, your protagonist learns he has super powers, there's a conspiracy to turn everyone into enraged fighting hobos, the serial killer you've been hunting down is now a super-powered serial killer, and the evil conspiracy is actually afraid of some other enemy that you never meet. The game ends with the President of the United States dead of a heart attack, impending doom from that super-serial killer and other foes, and with nobody any wiser as to what exactly is going on or why. Sorta like life, in a way – only with more alcohol-demons.

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