The Dorklyst: The 20 Most Evil Corporations in Videogame History

By Alex Z. Rogers / March 1, 2013

15. Artemis Global Securities (H.A.W.X.)

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Like all Tom Clancy stories, this one is set in real life and really happened. Artemis Global Securities was a real company – to some degree. You know Blackwater, that scary mercenary company that the US used to outsource all the stuff the military didn't want to do in the Middle East? Imagine those guys – but bigger. So big they practically are their own military superpower, able to take on anyone, even the whole United States after the pesky federal government gets in the way of a really lucrative contract with Brazil. Now – one could argue that invading the most heavily armed nation on Earth and a pillar of the world economy would also be a bad business move. But that gets into heavy logistical conversations, the price of oil, what the word "economy" even means, and stuff like that. The point is that Artemis Global Securities successfully invaded the U.S., occupied major cities with their legions of well-paid employees, and probably decided to move their stock opening to a foreign exchange. And they would have succeeded had it not been for one brave fighter pilot and his moronic computer controlled comrades. Like in all Tom Clancy fiction, the societal and economic issues that have led to the real-life rise in private security companies with increasing military power can all be solved with a perfectly aimed missile.

14. GenTek (Prototype)

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There is something inherently evil-seeming about most pharmaceutical companies – they have medicine that can cure diseases, but they won't just give it to the sick until they've gotten their cash. That seems pretty cold and evil, right? Turns out it can get worse. Gentek is just a front for the shadow biological weapons military unit Blackwatch. Much of the company's projects and assets are tied up in researching cures, vaccines and more effective means of spreading a virus that Blackwatch uncovered years ago. Not all of the company's employees share the same enthusiasm for the work, leading some to openly rebel. And even the company's status quo was partially responsible for coming up with remedies to contain the virus after it leaked in Manhattan. But that good work is still overshadowed by all the human testing, military death squads and the fact they were still ultimately trying to make a weapon out of the virus. What happened to the days when companies got by making good ol' fashioned bullets or killer robots?

13. Mishima Zaibatsu (Tekken)

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This company oversees everything from finance to military contracts. It's truly a "family company" with a founding family prone to infighting. In this case, "in-fighting" involves less nasty e-mails and hostile take-over bids, and more hit squads or outright fisticuffs. But that doesn't mean they can't have a little fun deciding who holds the corporate reigns. Thus the King of the Iron Fist tournament is held and the winner gets the chance to be the CEO for a while. I mean, if you can pummel your Dad or cousin into paste with your fists I think you can run a conglomerate. Or at least you probably couldn't do any worse than the guy who's now mostly paste. Thankfully they haven't had to deal with anything as awkward as a non-family member actually winning the tournament. Also there's some gene-splicing and people getting knocked into volcanoes and talk of the ultimate warrior stuff mixed in there. Which goes to say, the Mishima clan may be a bunch of dysfunctional, demon-blood cursed villains, but at least they're savvy enough to have a diverse product line.

12. Phenotrans Pharmaceutical Corporation (Dead Rising)

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Zombies and pharmaceutical companies seem to be the PB & J of the horror genre (both are super lame for your mom to pack you for lunch). This time the company is not directly responsible for creating the zombies (as far as we know), but they are guilty of being pretty stingy with their expensive anti-zombie virus vaccine, the cleverly named Zombrex. There are also rumors they secretly have a cure but have been delaying its release to rake in more vaccine profits. Pretty bad. Also, they unleashed a zombie plague on an entire city, killing nearly all of its inhabitants. That's pretty evil too.

11. Versalife (Deus Ex)

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In the dystopian near future of cyber-punk classic Deus Ex, the world is in the grip of a serious plague, the Black Death. Thankfully, multinational pharmaceutical company Versalife is here to help save lives with their Ambrosia vaccine, right? Wrong! Only the wealthy and elite can possibly afford the drug, giving the company immense power over world leaders while condemning the poor to a grim end. Of course, Versalife doesn't limit its corporate shenanigans to controlling supply – it turns out they also secretly manufactured the apocalyptic disease in the first place, so they also control demand. Somebody clearly took Evil Econ 101.

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