The 15 Most Frustrating Situations in Videogames

By Staff / January 26, 2012

10. Almost done sneaking through a level then getting spotted by everyone at the end

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Stealth levels can be enjoyable, but they're always slow. By the time you've crawled your way through half of it you're probably already itching to get back to blowing stuff up. So when you've expertly sneaked your way through an entire section only to get cocky at the end and blow your cover, it can be more than a little annoying. Now you'll have to repeat the entire level that you literally just went through in slow motion. HAVE FUN!

9. Returning to an RPG months later and having no idea what you're doing

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Many a nerd will sink a disgusting amount of time into an RPG during a holiday weekend, get busy with work or school during the week, then return the next weekend only to find they have no idea what the fuck is going on. Without fail, our idiotic past selves have left us in the middle of the world map between missions. Guess we'll just have to start entering random towns and talking to a bunch of NPCs in hope that one drops a clue. Or we'll just stop playing all together. That's probably more likely.

8. Having to install 25 updates the first time you turn on the game

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You just waited two hours in line at a midnight release. It's late and you've got work tomorrow, but you've been waiting a long time for this game, and damn it, you're going to play it right now. But not so fast! The game has been out five minutes and somehow it's already being patched. Now you're watching the progress bar crawl as the clock moves closer and closer to your designated wake-up time. Frustrated, you shut the game off and promise to hold off until tomorrow. You spend the entire night staring at the wall, still not over your anticipation. The alarm clock goes off and you haven't slept yet. Shit.

7. Escort missions

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It would be one thing if the character you were protecting would act like a non-idiot and duck their head while following closely behind you. Instead, you're usually escorting someone with a death wish. They somehow manage to fall behind and run ahead. While you're ducking for cover, they'll just stand and stare at you directly in the line of fire. It would give us great glee to let videogame Darwinism do its work and allow this character to meet his/her deserved fate, but alas, it would probably result in an instant Game Over. Why do game developers hate evolution?

6. Having to restart an entire mission because some stupid NPC caught a stray bullet

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You're dealing out lead like a motherfucking pencil factory. The level is almost over and you're still at full health. But wait! What's that? Looks like you mistook an innocent NPC for a terrorist and now you've got to start from scratch. Ugh. I get that a "good guy" shouldn't kill innocent civilians, but is it really Game Over worthy? Is the world really doomed because one of the tutorial guys didn't make it out alive? Videogame war is videogame hell and there are bound to be some digital casualties. They knew the risks when they signed on to be NPCs.

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