The Adventures of Thaldin Grixbane: Office LARPer

March 3, 2011

  1. Thaldin

    Fellow warriors! A grave injustice has been committed this day!

  2. Coworker

    What is it this time, Eric?

  3. Thaldin

    As ye all know, within yonder breakroom fridge, there dwells a legendary sandwich, forged with the bread of truth and tempered with Hellman's Lite Mayo.

  4. Coworker

    We all know what a sandwich is, Eric.

  5. Thaldin

    BUT ALAS, whilst I was battling spreadsheets, mine lunch was pilfered.

  6. Coworker

    You could just send an email abou-

  7. Thaldin


  1. Coworker

    Eric, can you take these papers to the shredder?

  2. Thaldin

    No need, wench! With a single blow, my enchanted mace shall cleave yon sensitive document in twain!

  3. Coworker

    No, it won't, because it's made of nerf.

  4. Thaldin

    Hold your tongue, wench. Speak no ill of the fabled history of my mace. It goes by many names. Dawnslayer. Envelope opener. Shoe scraper.

  5. Coworker

    Didn't HR send you an email about calling people wenches? And… everything else you do?

  6. Thaldin

    Enough talk, temptress! Roll for initiative!

  1. Thaldin

    I shall have these reports to you in a fortnight!

  2. Boss

    I need them by Friday.

  3. Thaldin

    My Liege, I embark on family vacation that morn!

  4. Boss

    You're all out of vacation days, Eric.

  5. Thaldin

    Then perhaps I will fall sick by week's end.

  6. Boss

    You can't take a sick day after trying to report it as vacation.

  7. Thaldin

    I'm beginning to feel a bit plague-ish.

  1. Thaldin

    Ah, Noble Zulrich, I have nay seen you since we slayed the mantid horde in the suntorn land of Athas!

  2. Coworker

    Eric, you promised if I played D&D with you once after work you wouldn't talk about it in public.

  3. Thaldin

    How can I not sing the praises of Zulrich: noblest of paladins?

  4. Coworker

    ..I swear I don't usually hang out with him.

  5. Thaldin

    But our friendship was forged in the heat of battle!

  6. Pause.

  7. Thaldin

    I thought we were best friends.

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