About Dorkly

What is Dorkly?

Dorkly is a videogame humor site brought to you by the same guys who run CollegeHumor.
Dorkly is edited by Andrew Bridgman.

I love videogames. How can I contribute?

Want to write for Dorkly? Great news, we're accepting submissions. We're also looking for freelance illustrators. Send us your writing and illustration samples.
Contact andrew.bridgman at dorkly dot com.

How much will you pay me?

First, you must sign a W9 in order to be paid by us.
Assigned articles - $150 Flat Fee
Assigned illustrations – Varies, contact andrew.bridgman at dorkly dot com if interested.

Want to advertise on Dorkly?

Contact mike.mobley at connectedventures dot com.

General questions or feedback?

Want to tell us something? Find something wrong? Have a complaint? Love the site?
Contact general at dorkly dot com.